My New Year Buddies!!!

It’s the end of 2011…and time to usher in the NEW YEAR-2012….

God time surely flies at the speed of light years….So to bid good bye to old year and kick start the new year…I have called in my little buddies…Hope you all love them as much as I do….

The silent Moth...seems to be hibernating....but can just swirl around and fly before you can even snap your eyes...I guess it is also wishing the ol year a Gud bye!!!

Love seems to be the air all time of the year...The only thing that doesn't change with seasons....Now let's just leave these two love birds alone...Wishing them a happy new year and whole new bunch of kids!!!

I know....Mosquitoes are creatures we love to hate...But this is such close shot that I just could not resist putting it on...

A fluorescent COCKROACH...ouch...I know that hurts and they stink...But it's New Year Time...I wish God would rid earth of these creatures at least this year 😉

Last but not the least...I can never miss out on the floral beauty...The New Year would be so dull without them!!!

Here’s wishing all my fellow blogger-friends and my readers “A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR”….May God bless ya all with lots of joy and happiness…Keep smiling 🙂


Random Pics On The Blog!!!!

Gram Blue (Euchrysops cnejus)

I don't know the exact genus and species of these beautiful flowers....But I just guess these are some varied varieties of White Lilium...

Jejarum Kuning-yellow coloured Ixora species

Ixora coccinea- Orange red variety

The White Glow!!!!

White is symbol of purity….

For ages,The color White has symbolized reverence and innocence untouched!!!!

The glow of White breathes a fresh air of heavenly feeling in the very petals of flowers and wings of butterfly!!!!

” Enjoy the innocence of Catopsilia pomona enjoying its feed ”

” The tiny unopened yet fresh buds of Jasmine yield a absolute look of new beginnings in their Innocence ”

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian