The White Glow!!!!

White is symbol of purity….

For ages,The color White has symbolized reverence and innocence untouched!!!!

The glow of White breathes a fresh air of heavenly feeling in the very petals of flowers and wings of butterfly!!!!

” Enjoy the innocence of Catopsilia pomona enjoying its feed ”

” The tiny unopened yet fresh buds of Jasmine yield a absolute look of new beginnings in their Innocence ”

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

Thirumoorthy Hills-Part II

The name Thirumoorthy has emerged from a popular myth,which has laid the base for the Thirumoorthy Temple.There is popular belief that few thousand years ago…The great sage Maharishi Athari lived in these with his wife Devi Anusuya.Devi Anusuya was known for her “PATIVRATYAM” (Devotion to Husband).One day,Sage Narada praised her pativratyam alot before Goddess Laxmi,Goddess Sarasawti and Goddess Parvati,the wives of the three prime deities,Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva.This made them jealous and they requested their husbands to reduce Anusuya’s Pativratyam…

So,the three Gods went to Anusuya when Sage Athari was not at home.They asked for alms..But put a condition that they will accept alms only if Anusuya gve without wearing any clothes.This put her in dilemma,as she could not refuse alms..neither could she come before them without clothes….Anusuya prayed to her husband and said that She would give alms to three guests….Because they had called “Bhavati Bhiksham Dehi” (Oh Mother! Give us some food)…She decided that she would feed them thinking of them as her children…

Because of her greatness,when She came out…all the three Gods were transformed into babies…She then fed them…When Sage Athari came,she told him about everything….The three Gods resumed their own forms…Anusuya then requested them to be born as her children….the incarnation of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma as sage Durvasa, Dattatreya and the moon-god Chandra….The three gods had blessed the couple at this place…Hence,This place is called “Thirumoorthy Hills”….

Surely do visit Thirumoorthy…To feel the True spirits of Devotion!!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

Thirumoorthy Hills

Located at distance of 50 km from Pollachi,Thirumoorthy Hills encompass the grandeur of Sri Amalingeshwar Temple,Panchalingam Falls and Thirumoorthy Falls.The Scenic beauty is because of the perennial stream of water that flows by the side of the temple and ultimately into the Thirumoorthy Falls.

From the Thirumoorthy Hills,there is much shorter route to the ALIYAR DAM about which I have mentioned in the post before.Also you could visit Anamalai Masaniamman Temple and Topslip

You can also fulfill your spiritual inclination through visiting Universal Peace Foundation.It’s non-profitable organisation which aims at encompassing Universal Peace through individual peace!!!

Thirumoorthy Hills are part of History…Redefined…Which will remain of Indian Mythology for ages to come!!!!!

Happy Reading and Enjoy The Beauty Of Nature!!!

© Krishnaveni Balasubramanian


There are very few places in the World,which have the merit to combine Nature’s Beauty with the Landmark architecture made by Humans…One of the best examples of which is the ALIYAR Dam…Located at the foot of the Valparai,in the Annamalai Hills of THE Western Ghats,at distance of 65kms from Coimbatore in South India…the Dam was originally constructed for only irrigation purposes…Absolutely picturesque!!!!

The Dam is surrounded on all three sides by Mountains…which makes it an “Sight to Behold”….Boating is made available,so that the tourists get an opportunity to be more close to the NATURAL ENVIRONS!!!!

The Dam also has Garden,Aquarium,Mini Theme Park which has been developed by Tamil Nadu Fisheries Corporation for Recreation purposes.

Happy Reading and Hope You all fall in Love with Aliyar!!!!

© Krishnaveni Balasubramanian

Nature’s Plethora!!!

Dear Friends,

I have always been in love with nature,not just because it’s  beautiful or amazing….But purely because,It’s God…The God that we can see…But whom we don’t worship…May be that’s because it’s human mentality that we don’t respect things that we have…Keep running after Things that are invisible to eyes….

Mother is best example of God’s best Creation….Mother bears us in her womb for 9months,goes through tremendous pain to give birth to us…then nurtures us all our Life….With Her BLOOD…May be,That’s why we call nature…As Mother Nature…Because personifies the exact meaning of Her…

May be that’s  why Through years….Lots of poets have written about her…Sang about her…Tried to compare women’s beauty and qualities with nature…I can’t put into words the immense joy which i feel when I’m so close to nature…

This blog is too showcase my love for Nature….That’s an experience to feel and enjoy…When u just forget everything else…And just drown yourself….Into the depths of nature….So that You can experience the real joys of Nature,as I always do…

Happie Reading and Trekking  online