Nature’s Travelogue!!!!

These are some of my all time favorite photos…Whenever I look at these pictures….I can’t help but fall in LOVE with the beauty and grandeur of Nature….These images conjure a sense of belonging….That amazes me to no extent….Hope You are  all equally amazed!!!

This is my all time favorite....JUST LOVE THE ICE CARPET LYING ON THE GRASS!!!


I just love it when the sky is filled with the varied shades of orange and violets.....and the white ice blanket below just compliments the sky above....


Autumn is my favorite season....Maple leaves not only symbolise this season but also celebrate the warmth of Romance....


The flow of water seems like a thread of SILK....interwoven with the wooden log!!!


The cut-off wood covered with blankets of Lavenders indicates TIMELESS BEAUTY!!!!


Showcasing the Inner finer details of Calla Lily....Intriguing!!!!!


The blue colour of the Sky reflecting its beauty on the soil below makes this picture truly captivating....


Romance in Air.....Butterflies mating!!!!

There are many more to come….Do keep visiting….Respect the fact that our Planet Earth has been blessed with Nature….Which not only keeps the inner force of the Planet alive….But also makes our Planet unique from the other lifeless planets in the Galaxy….


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