The Different Forms Of The Force……”GOD”

There are different manifestations of God in different parts of the World….But,I guess the only country to have been blessed enough to have amalgamation of different religions with central concept of  “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” is …..India….Different religions and Different main deities for each religion exist here with Peace….which adds to the cultural beauty of this Asian Mainland….So,lets just explore the various forms of the Force whom we all recognize and worship by different names……But for me….He is God….

Starting from this post ( many more to come in future)…..are my attempts to introduce you all to the most popular legends and beliefs coupled with the most famous temples which have gained the claim of  “The Glory” for their prime Deity….

The Three prime Deities in Hinduism are “Trimurthis-Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva)“…..worshiped for the fact that they maintain the eternal balance of this world-Brahma is “The Creator”…..Vishnu is “The Protector”….Shiva is “The Destroyer”…..for all things that are created have to meet their end someday…..Although there are not many temples in India which worship Lord Brahma( which according to legends is because He was cursed by the Great Sage Bhrigu that no person will ever worship Him)…..Very few temples in India worship Lord Vishnu as well who is more proclaimed in the form of his avatars Lord Ram and Lord Krishna…..The only Deity who is still worshiped in his True Form is Lord Shiva….All over the country there are 12 jyothirlingas which are worshiped as the Symbols of Lord Shiva….

Most Famous

Among the 12 Jyothirlingas in India….The foremost and the most famous one is the “Somnath Temple” in Gujarat….According to legends this temple was built by “Soma”-the Sanskrit name of The Moon…who had been cursed by His Father-in-law King Daksha for being impartial to all his wives(who were Daksha’s daughters) except his favorite,Rukmini….So Soma built this temple and worshiped Lord Shiva who partially removed the curse…that’s why the waning of the Moon……

Somnath is not just worshiped for the Lingam….but because its best symbol of  “BELIEF”….The temple was destroyed six times by Muslim invaders for its wealth….but each and every time it was re-built….Somnath Temple establishes the fact that belief in God spans beyond any difficulty…..that destruction in no means can break through the People faith and trust in God….So.friends….If you ever happen to be in Saurashtra….A visit to Somnath Temple should be the priority on your list!!!!

Somnath Temple

The Jyothirlingam in Somnath....

My Pick Of The Day-

If you are on lookout for a place where you can actually feel spirituality combined with Inner peace….Then a visit to “Isha Yoga Centre” is a must….Set amongst the foothills of Velliangiri Mountains on the outskirts of  Coimbatore….This yogic centre is a part of famed flagship  “Isha Fondation” built by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev ,consecrated using prana prathista and is dedicated for medication….My first visit to Isha was surprise from a friend who did not tell me where we were heading for the weekend brunch until of course we reached there….

If you are in  Main city Coimbatore….Isha is at distance of 30 km from Ukadam…The travel to the centre itself is soothing because on the way….You come across greenery….which can never be chanced upon in the City….As we enter the complex,there is shallow lane which leads to the Canteen coupled with Store which is packed with Books written by Sadhguru,incense, cotton bags and handloom products which are on sale….This poem by Sadhguru is compelling enough….

Poem inscription by Sadhguru

In these few lines,Sadhguru has explained the reasons for the existence of this Temple which mesmerizes each and every visitor with its spiritual aesthetics combined with Yogic sciences….This temple is perhaps only one of its kind in the country….

After that we are lead to big counter where we are required to deposit all our bags and mobile phones…As we come out to enter the complex….We are greeted by massive structure of Nandhi….The vehicle of Lord Shiva….

Nandhi....vehicle of Lord Shiva....

As we entered the temple complex….We come across small stalls….where the essentials for Pooja Thali are sold….Here you will see hoardes of beautiful Pink Lotuses….Also there is small stall selling copper rings shaped like Snakes….price range is from Rs.10 to 30….Once fitting is done,the Guy at the store even resizes the ring to adjust it to your finger-size….Then as we walked in….We were greeted by Lady who briefly described to us the origin and purpose of the Temple….She told us to maintain silence while inside the Temple premises and escorted us in….The entire complex is made up of white stones…..the steps although are massive in size…..When we finally got down the steps….We came across the pepper vine eatery…..

Pepper Vine Eatery

As we took a left turn….We were helped by volunteers who showed us the wash basins and told us to wash our hands and feet before we entered the main temple complex….A walk little further leads to Monolithic stone structure…..At first,I thought that This was “Trimurthy Panel”….but closer look shows that the panel is actually depicting the three different forms of Shiva….Hara, Rudra, and Sadashiva.

Three depictions of Lord Shiva

The first temple belongs to a Goddess…..I don’t remember the exact name….But I guess the temple belongs to “Yogamata-The Goddess of Yogic Sciences”….Even outside this temple…there is small stall….where the Lady selling the Pooja Thali briefs us again about the Goddess….The thing that I found surprising was that this lady didn’t expect us to buy anything from her….The best thing about Isha is that the volunteers are really helpful….I have visited many temples…..but I have never been to such temple where the shop-keepers instead of trying to sell their goods spent time telling the visitors about the prime deity inside!!!!

The next two structures are high raised stadiums from where you can hear continuous chanting of “OM”….From that second,I could deep inner peace which I had never experienced anywhere before…..The thing that surprised me even more was the enormous number of foreign students in the complex….Students from as far as Africa,UK and US come to this center for studying Yogic Sciences….Shocking,isn’t it????……People from abroad come here to learn about our culture and tradition (But We….Indians despite being in India are fast forgetting our cultural values….what a apathy)…..

Next comes the “THEERTHAKUNTA”…..Before entering here,we have to either take a bath(there is washroom outside) or at least wet our head….The Kunta is embedded 35 feet below the ground….is also built with massive granite walls and vault….as you walk down the steps….the sounds of the slowly gushing water seem melody…..The water in the Kunta gushes from the top of the Vault….Beautiful murals depicting the Maha Kumbh decorate the walls of the vaults…..As soon as I stepped into the water…..I felt uplifted by soothing feel….This water is energy soaked which helps you connect with the Rasalinga (mercury linga) in the center of the little pool of water….People who take bath before entering inside the Kunta can actually swim in the pool to touch and worship the Linga….Trust this is what I can call True Heavenly Feeling!!!!


Opening at Top allows the Flow of Water

Then as we went ahead….We came to Sarva Dharma Sthambha…..The symbols of all major religions are engraved on all sides of this Sthambha….giving a clear indication that there is no religional divide here and people from all walks of life and from different religions are most welcome here!!!!!

Sarva dharma Sthambha

Finally the long wait cames to end….Next is Parikrama which leads to the dome of Dhyanalinga…..Flanking the entrance is Eleven foot statue of  “Patanjali”-The Father of Yogic Sciences….


Just opposite rests the Vanashree Shrine….The feminine deity of The Dhyanalinga….Legend has it that worshiping this Goddess sis beneficial to Women and Children….


Six artistically sculptured granite panels cover the aisles,telling us the  stories of six South Indian sages who attained enlightenment.

Panel depicting an extraordinary moment in each Sage's Life....

Before we entered the Dome….we come across a form of yogi….which suggests absolute surrender before the Lord….

Yogi in surrender posture

Dhyanalinga is claimed by the owners of the temple to be a powerful and unique energy form created from the distilled essence of yogic sciences and the first of its kind to be completed in over 2,000 years.The Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple offers a meditative space that does not ascribe to any particular faith or belief system.The Dhyanalinga is located in  sanctum sanctorum….overclouded by elliptical dome……Absolute silence is maintained inside the Dome….Dome is 76 feet in diameter and stretches above at 33 feet….The entire dome has been built with burnt bricks and mortar combined with alum,sand and herbal additives….At the center stands the majestic Dhyanalinga,made up of High Density Granite Stone…..The moment I stepped inside the dome….Unknown feeling of Joy swept me off my feet….There are 28 energy cubicles embedded in the dome….where we can sit and meditate…..and feel at sync with the energy of the Lingam….

Dhyanalingam in center.....with cubicles behind...

Isha Yoga Centre is one of the very few temples where I found Inner Peace with the Joys of Worship….So,Friends….Do visit Isha’s once and experience Life Time Of Eternity!!!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian


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  2. Excellant. How excellant you have written and so nicely. God bless you. Bless you with long and healthy life to write such things again and again… Dinesh

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