Language of Busy Beings !!!!

Unknown to us….There is buzzing life busy in itself….all alive but subtle…We actually never realize their humility(which masks their presence) nor can appreciate the sheer beauty with which they co-exist with us humans….We humans can learn a thing or two from them….If you wondering whom I’m talking about…Take a look down….

The start Of New Life....The Buds!!!

The full Bloom....In all its Glory!!!!
















I can never resist the charms of the Red juicy berries….But after seeing this I realized that there are some others as well who can’t resist the berries….

All Juicy and Ready to Eat!!!

The new blooms always convey the message of new beginnings…I always await the blooming of the flowers from their buds…That the most interesting phase in their development….

The Buds....

Just love the anthers of Pink Lily!!!!

I don’t know the exact name of this species….But I guess this flower is bisexual with both the presence of both stamens and carpels…

Bulby ovary with Flashy Anthers...

I knew that even Cacti bear flowers and fruits….have even tasted the fruits which are something between sweet and sour….But never knew that flowers look so pretty….

White Glow between Thorns!!!

Ever seen the droplets of the morning dew on the leaf….It’s enticing….

This world is all full of energy and gist….which we can never find in cement coated walls of our skyscrapers….Take little time out of your busy schedule and do meet these busy bees…and take a leaf out of their life….You never know what treasures you might land up with….

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian


2 comments on “Language of Busy Beings !!!!

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