The Pesky Creatures….Called Insects!!!!

There have been uncountable times….When I have actually hated the shear existence of these creatures,which have been categorically classified as “Insects”….Wherever You go…They follow your trail…There might be no possible corner left on this planet….Where you can live in peace thinking that….You are not surrounded by these creatures…..whom we all simply loath from the bottom of our Hearts!!!!….But this at times over- clouds the fact…That however PESKY these Little things may be…They too have their own cultural diversity…..

Although it is really pity to classify these beautiful creature as Insects (Can’t help it)….Still,I guess Butterflies are only insects which have the distinction of alluring the World with their charms….Pretty, Sensual and absolutely COLORFUL…..Butterflies are treat for eyes…..

Gram Blue(Euchrysops cnejus)

Distributed through-out India….The Gram Blues,belonging to the Lycaenids or Blues Family….are greyish butterflies with metallic blue sheen and black spots all over….Enticing!!!!

Dragonflies and Damselflies are part of Order Odonata which are an interesting group of  Insects….The only thing that differentiates both is that…..In Damselfly,the wings are held along and parallel to the body and they are always smaller in size than the Dragonflies….These creatures may seem like “Living Helicopters”…..with their constant buzzing….Seen mostly near the water bodies…..

Gold Reedtail Sal(Ceriagrion coromandelianum)

The Gold Reedtail Sal is a medium sized pale green damselfly with bright yellow (male) or plae green tail (female)…..Distributed through out the Oriental region…they commonly breed along the areas with profuse growth of grass and which are far away from the water bodies…

Common Sanddragon (Progomphus obscurus)

The Common Sanddragon belongs to the Family Gomphidae….which have been so named because of the club like widening at the end of the abdomen…with golden stripes….Adults grow upto 40-70 mm….

Spiders are yet another category of insects…..Found in each and every corner of the house….These are the most familiar species….But there are some species which are in greenery outside the safe confines of our Home!!!!!

Argiope anasuja

I would have never noticed these silent creatures….Unless my classmate started researching on these spiders and their cob-webs (He was studying the properties of the silk that the spider uses to build this web,which according to him could be used for surgical purposes because of their strength and durability)….Here you can see the spider resting majestically on its zig-zag web….Females are found to be bigger in size than the males….

Cyrtophora moluccensis

Called as “Tent-web Spider”….Despite being orb webs,these spiders do not build them….Their webs are always complex non-sticky and tent-like…. These spiders live in colonies….

The last but not the least….Ants….They are found everywhere….Black Ants have distinction of being the non-biting species….So you don’t disturb them and neither do they…..

Even Ants can't resist the sweets of Flowers!!!!

So,the next time you come across these creatures….Do take time and watch them….Because they have diversity….which will put even us Humans to shame!!!!

©Krishnaveni Balasubramanian


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