Nature’s Plethora!!!

Dear Friends,

I have always been in love with nature,not just because it’s  beautiful or amazing….But purely because,It’s God…The God that we can see…But whom we don’t worship…May be that’s because it’s human mentality that we don’t respect things that we have…Keep running after Things that are invisible to eyes….

Mother is best example of God’s best Creation….Mother bears us in her womb for 9months,goes through tremendous pain to give birth to us…then nurtures us all our Life….With Her BLOOD…May be,That’s why we call nature…As Mother Nature…Because personifies the exact meaning of Her…

May be that’s  why Through years….Lots of poets have written about her…Sang about her…Tried to compare women’s beauty and qualities with nature…I can’t put into words the immense joy which i feel when I’m so close to nature…

This blog is too showcase my love for Nature….That’s an experience to feel and enjoy…When u just forget everything else…And just drown yourself….Into the depths of nature….So that You can experience the real joys of Nature,as I always do…

Happie Reading and Trekking  online






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